Brownies for you!

Cooking is not just food preparation. Though a recipe is akin to a road map, you do not have to stop there. It is like moving into a new neighborhood: You grow out of the map using stage very quickly. You discover new ways. Maybe you like their vista more, or they are quicker. No matter why, but you adjust them to your needs and liking. The same goes for recipes. Once you've tried it, and decided to make it more often, the process begins. Maybe you don't have one of the ingredients, but something that could replace the missing one. Or you like another one better. In short, you get to know your recipe and start to play around. This happened to this brownie recipe here.  It got translated, adjusted, tweaked and teased until it ended up in its actual form. It was originally released in Gourmet magazine over ten years ago. We had moved back to Germany at this point in time. Back to metric measurements and balancing ingredients. I never warmed to measuring with cups anyway, because I normally measure ingredients mostly for baking. And there it can make a big difference if you use 50g more or less of something. So one day I took my notepad, the measuring cups and the electric balance, weighed all the ingredients, and jotted them down. Then I adjusted all weights to full ten grams. After a while some of the flour got exchanged for more cocoa to push the chocolate flavor. And one day we found out that one or two tablespoons of rum or cognac chisel out the chocolate even more. Now I've made it so often, that I know it by heart. Countless friends asked for it and spread it even more. So, yes, in a way it is the recipe from Gourmet magazine, but it also is a completely different recipe. It is part of the food history of our family. And this is how good recipes work: They develop a life of their own. 

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