Cornelia Duemling portrait

I have been a doodler, sketcher, and scribbler all my life, but sadly believed all those voices that said, you cannot live from making art. After training, occupying, and enjoying professions like milliner, political economist, tv researcher, and food stylist, I became a mother. Those two funny peas in our family pod changed my life profoundly and caused a long break in my professional life. Though circumstances prevent going back into my former profession, it is time to find my way back. This time I am making a profession of my first love. I will draw and make a living from it.


I stem from a family that is brimming with restaurateurs and farmers. Producing food, preparing, and selling it, has always been a prominent part of my heritage. Hence no wonder that I am still into food, and it is evident in what I create.


True german that I am, I granted myself a three year apprenticeship. Three years to learn what I need for my work, even though I won’t be able to go through formal training at art school. Instead I will apply myself to an informal apprenticeship through books, video tutorials, online classes, and what else I can find. The learning and practicing I will have to do myself anyway, and for feedback I have to find different ways. Actually I think, I will never stop to learn, but one needs a deadline, right? So, one year and a half down and two more to go. And I am really pleased with the development so far.


If you like my work and want to hire me, please send me an email. Then we can work out the details.